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    November 29,2023
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About Yantra 9.0

The Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) organizes the Yantra Science Tech and Entrepreneurship Festival every year to honor science, technology and entrepreneurship in Nepal. 

Yantra 9.0


Robotics Association of Nepal

Mission Statement

The mission is to create a platform that aims to encourage interdisciplinary cross-pollination among the creative and technical fields with a focus on learning and exchange. Each Edition of Yantra features International Robotics competitions, Mini-Yantra, Yantra Business Cup, Yantra Preparatory workshops, Yantra Opening/Closings, Yantra Robotics and AI Conferences and other multidisciplinary programs. Theme of the Yantra 9.0 will be “Climate Change and Future of Work”.

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Implementation and development of Science, Technology and Innovation to maximize National Production capacity through Robotics and Automation. [ STI Policy 6.1]

Push innovation and entrepreneurship based on emerging technologies of Nepal. [ STI policy 6.2 ]

Build Globally competent Robotics and Automation manpower.

Providing International exposure to National Robotics and Tech enthusiasts. 

Robotics & AI as a problem-solving tool.

Encouraging the practice of Science and technology all over Nepal.


Attract Investment for the development of Science, Technology and Innovation. [ STI Policy 7.5]

Improve the capacity of Robotics and Automation Engineers in Nepal qualitatively and quantitatively.

Progress the design from the current prototype model towards a viable commercial product.

Develop Modern technologies for Agricultural, Health, Manufacturing,  Industrial, Tourism. Smart cities Sector through the promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation. [ STI Policy 7.2 ]

Explore Yantra 9.0 Events

Yantra Teens themed Garbage to Gold and contestants must build a robot to collect plastics and Metal waste from various parts of cities, collect it and dump it manually or by blasting it directly into the recycling chamber.

Yantra Kids is a students based competition in which the participants will build robots, design various building structures in Kathmandu, and understand various energy sources that contribute to climate change.

Yantra Swarmanoid is an open tournament in which the automatic robots revolve around in a pair completing the tasks together as a cohesive alliance to efficiently manage and sort garbage.

YIL is a thrilling fusion of technology and sport, showcases the prowess of Nepal's robotics & soccer enthusiasts as they compete in an exhilarating display of robotic soccer prowess.

YAI is an open competition in which an autonomous robot completes all the tasks in the YAI arena with reference to the recent earthquake as a game theme.

YBC anticipates a massive Robotics Industry in Nepal by 2030 by addressing Softwobots i.e. Software as a robot to address the industrial problems.

YBC anticipates a massive Robotics Industry in Nepal by 2030 by addressing climate change concerns this year.

Yantra Warz is an open robot competition, similar to a fight to the death, under the 30 kg weight limit Category.

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