New businesses stimulate the fair redistribution of wealth and incomes for the interest of the country through a large population covering a larger geographical area and thus offering benefits to larger sections of society. Entrepreneurship leads to the emergence of secondary activities and therefore allows a multiplier effect in the economy. Education, Science and Technology are backbone for modern economy of any emerging economies. Effective Implementation of Creative and innovative Science and Technology leads to economic prosperity and it’s a need in current situation. Blend of Entrepreneurship with Science and Technology creates a mechanism for the exploration of creativity, innovation, protection of talented scientist and engineers, exponential growth of application based research. Thus, opening an opportunity for social, economical, environmental, educational growth of the country. This proposal will create first of a kind Nepal-wide platform where scientists, engineers, IT professionals, students working in the field of Robotics get an opportunity not only to learn entrepreneurial concepts but develop innovative projects & products based on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focused on Agriculture, Tourism, Manufacturing Industry, Humanitarian and Medical services.  This project in turn aspires to initiate the science and tech based entrepreneurship in Nepal and bring together all related stakeholders to work towards this goal by initiating RoboBusiness Cup – Creating Robotics Industry in Nepal.


Robo Business Cup is a national event focused  on creating next step platform for  innovative and creative science & technology community working in the field of robotics which empowers engineers, makers,  tinkerers, dreamers and start-ups to start their own business in this innovative changing world. A competitive gathering where they test their technological skills, reasoning capacity, innovations, research and findings thus promoting core values such as Creativity, Collaboration, Critical thinking and Communication by pitching their project/product to the leading business entrepreneurs, policy makers, government representatives. Their innovative project & products will address local challenges and support in gradual growth of industry, Innovation and infrastructure.

Highlights of Robo Business Cup:

  1. Fosters science and tech based entrepreneurship among scientist, engineers, IT professionals and students working in the field of Robotics.
  2. Supports achievement of SDG No. 9 Industrial Innovation and Infrastructure.
  3. Creates a robotics entrepreneurial ecosystem where all technology lovers, private and public sector will be brought down together in a same platform.
  4. Creates an environment which promotes prototype/product development thus addressing the challenges that exist in this country through local innovation.
  5. Attracts interest of Business owner and Investors in Robotics Business
  6. Platform for young scientist, talents and creative minds to start their own business.
  7. Two days Mentorship on Business Development and Product Development.