Yantra 7.0 Science | Tech | Entrepreneurship Festival 2018

Creating Robotics Industry in Nepal : by 2030
Mission Statement

The mission is to create platform that aims to encourage interdisciplinary cross-pollination among the creative and technical fields with a focus on learning and exchange. Each Edition of Yantra features Robotics competitions, workshops, art-tech exhibition, kids Robotics Competition and other multidisciplinary programs. Theme of the Yantra 7.0 is “ The Future”.

Objectives & Goals

Objectives :

  • Build Globally competent Robotics and Automation manpower.
  • Providing International exposure to National Robotics and Tech enthusiasts.
  • Robotics as a problem solving  tools.
  • Push innovation and entrepreneurship in Nepal.
  • Encouraging the practice of sciences and technology all over the Nepal.


The main goal of this event is to encourage youth to practice robotics with passion, by offering them an unforgettable technical and human experience.

  • Lead the Robotics innovation in Nepal.
  • Improve the capacity of Robotics Engineers in Nepal qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Progress the design from the current prototype model towards a viable commercial product
  • Improve upon the current electronics, mechanics and software.

There are following four major programs under the umbrella of Yantra 7.0 Science, Tech and Entrepreneurship Festival 2018.