We are extremely thankful to Nepal Engineer’s Association who helped our robotics and tech community by contributing to this festival of science, tech and entrepreneurship and helping Yantra 7.0 Science, Tech and Entrepreneurship festival become a reality.

Knowledge Partner – Yantra 7.0 Science, Tech and Entrepreneurship Festival

Nepal Engineer’s Association (NEA) is an independent nonprofit organization of Nepalese engineers, registered under the Social Service Act of the Government of Nepal. It was established in 1962. Today, it represents 19792 engineers, belonging to various engineering disciplines including architects, civil, electrical, mechanical, electronics etc and coming from both the public and private sector economies.

The objectives of NEA includes promoting development of the engineering science and technology in Nepal, promoting fellowship goodwill and cooperation assistance among the Nepalese engineers and safeguard their rights and interests and encouraging Nepalese Engineers for nation development thus making effort to end foreign dependency