We are extremely thankful to Kharpann Do Swift who helped our robotics and tech community by contributing to this festival of science, tech and entrepreneurship and helping Yantra 7.0 Science, Tech and Entrepreneurship festival become a reality.

Knowledge Partner – Yantra 7.0 Science, Tech and Entrepreneurship Festival

‘Kharpann – Do Swift’ is a free-to-use Android application that allows Nepalese communities to mobilize their local human resources in order to build up a sustainable income stream by performing multiple short one-time jobs called as “Kharpann gigs”. 
The platform was launched in Kathmandu on February 1st , allowing people to request and receive different services i.e. hashtags such as #RideSharing, #Delivery, #BeautyCare, #VehicleRental, #Media and #Cleaning, all through a single mobile application.
The platform plans on taking no commission charge from the users while enabling clients to put their own prices for requested services. Also, a user can interchangeably work as a freelancer or a client through the same mobile application and will not need to download different applications. 
The platform solely aims at developing a wave of hard-working entrepreneurs – people who can work independently at their own time while doing something meaningful for their community and country.