We are extremely thankful to Best Engineering Projects who helped our robotics and tech community by contributing to this festival of science, tech and entrepreneurship and helping Yantra 7.0 Science, Tech and Entrepreneurship festival become a reality.

Knowledge Partner – Yantra 7.0 Science, Tech and Entrepreneurship Festival

Best Engineering Projects is probably one of the first and finest technical website operated from Nepal solely based on engineering projects and ideas. This website was established in 2013 AD. Best Engineering Projects (BEP) offers best platform for innovative concepts and designs from different field of engineering; Electronics and Communication, Electrical, Computer, Civil and Automobile (Mechanical). The motto of this website; “Think different, create difference and feel that difference” clearly motivates its followers to transform valuable thoughts into a crisp reality. In overall, the website includes more than 600 practically verified projects along with the tutorials. Few projects that might help electronics and robotics enthusiastic are listed below:

  1. Robotics Projects
  2. Electronics Projects
  3. Electrical Projects
  4. Computer Projects
  5. Electronics Tutorials